AABA’s Objectives

• To promote and advance the alpaca industry in Australia.

• To provide assistance to members owning and breeding alpacas.

• To establish and maintain a pedigree registry. 


AABA’s Mission Statement

The Australasian Alpaca Breeders Association is dedicated to:

• bringing together people interested in alpacas and all other camelids (including vicuña, guanaco, llama and camel)

• fostering and promoting a viable alpaca industry around the world

• promoting public awareness and appreciation of the alpaca

• liaising with government, statutory and allied industry bodies on matters affecting alpacas and camelid welfare and other related activities

• educating the membership on the care and breeding of alpacas

• encouraging husbandry and breeding practices based upon, but not limited to, herd health, overall soundness and fleece production

• encouraging innovation in the use of alpaca fleece by industry and those with a craft interest

• maintaining a world standard pedigree register

• representing our members with honesty and integrity

• the marketing of alpaca products, the industries associated with those activities, and members’ interests generally

• obtaining information on all aspects of the alpaca industry for dissemination to those engaged or interested in the industry

• establishing codes of ethics in respect of members’ alpaca or camelid-related activities

• conducting (alone or in co-operation with other companies, agricultural societies or associations) field days, shows, exhibitions, competitions, sales and seminars dealing with alpacas and alpaca products

• advancing the association financially and in public esteem

• encouraging and promoting ventures and research of benefit to the alpaca industry